Once our Relationship Office and Research Department determines that an applicant meets the Phase 1 minimum requirements, the applicant will be invited to participate in Phase 2 of our application process, the Doctoral Preparation Short Learning Programme (DP-SLP).

Register for the DP-SLP: When selected, applicants will be invited to register for the DP-SLP. This DP-SLP is to assist applicants to prepare for the rigor of doctoral studies. Admission to the SLP does not guarantee admission to the DBA Programme. Only applicants who successfully defend their proposals in the Colloquium of the DP-SLP will be finally admitted onto the programme.


DP-SLP Phases: The DP-SLP consists of three phases:

  1. Workshop (5 days);
  2. Consultation Seminar (2 days); and
  3. Proposal Defence Colloquium (2 days).

DP-SLP Dates - The following estimated dates will apply:


Applications evaluated by the 1st of June:

  1. Workshop – end of June.
  2. Consultation Seminar – end of September.
  3. Proposal Defence Colloquium – end of November.
Applications evaluated after the 1st of June (final application deadline 31 October 2020):
  1. Workshop – end of March 2021.
  2. Consultation Seminar – end of June 2021.
  3. Proposal Defence Colloquium – end of October 2021.
DP-SLP Activities: The following activities will take place in and between the above-mentioned phases:
  • Workshop: Lecturing of research theory.
  • Between the Workshop and the Consultation Seminar: applicants will conduct extensive literature reviews and research design planning to deepen their research proposals.
  • Consultation Seminar: Applicants will present their proposals in consultation sessions with invited academics.
  • Between the Consultation Seminar and the Defence Colloquium: Applicants will implement advice given by the academics in order to finalise their proposals for the competitive selection process in October.
  • Proposal Defence Colloquium: Applicants will present their proposals to a selection panel of highly qualified researchers who will make the final decision on which applicants will be admitted onto the DBA qualification.
After the Defence Colloquium: Applicants who successfully defend their proposals in the Defence Colloquium will formally register for the DBA qualification and promoters will be allocated to them. For registration, the candidates submit the following documentation:
  • The DBA research proposal.
  • Appendix A: Undertaking by the Research Promoter from the University’s Policy, Procedures and Rules for Postgraduate Research Degrees. In this form, the promoter indicates willingness to supervise the proposed research to completion, provides evidence to support competency to supervise the research and comments on the originality and importance of the intended contribution. The promoter’s CV is attached as an annexure to the form.
  • The Learning Agreement in which the promoter and candidate negotiate and record their respective roles and project plan.


One year after registration: Within one year after registration, the candidates must present their proposals for approval to the Faculty Research and Engagement Committee (FREC).
Key Contact:
Dr Carlien Jooste
Head: Relationship and Marketing Office
Graduate School of Business
Business School