Nelson Mandela University Business School's Research Office will only assess proposals that meet the below requirements:

1. The cover page must include your name and surname, as well as a clear envisaged study topic. 

2. The length of the proposal: 3, 000 - 4, 000 words (10 - 12 pages) EXCLUDING the reference list. Proposals that exceed the      required length will not be considered. 

3. Font size: 12               Font type: Arial or Times New Roman                 

4. Spacing: 1.5                Margins: 2.54 cm (top, bottom, left and right)

5. Preferred referencing style: APA Referencing Style


Proposal Content

The following must be addressed as clearly as possible in your research proposal:

• Introduction – problem area background/ rationale/motivation

• The research questions and sub-questions

• Purpose, aim or objectives of the study

• The hypotheses to be investigated (only for quantitative studies)

• Research design – research approach / envisaged sample selection method / sample size / unit(s) of analysis / measuring instruments / data collection analysis as well as interpretation techniques and tools

• Possible ethical issues and how it will be dealt with

• Definitions of concepts – only those used in a special way / motivated from literature and referenced

• Preliminary literature study – a selection to substantiate the theoretical/conceptual framework the research will be grounded   in, the importance of and need for the research and to verify concepts used in a special way

• Outline of chapters

• Research plan of action / Time-frame

• Envisaged budgetary needs (if any)

• List of References – only those referenced in the proposal

• Researcher’s previous qualifications and research experience