A Unique partnership agreement between Nelson Mandela University School of Accounting and Nelson Mandela University Business School has resulted in the creation of a suite of Short Learning Programmes (SLP’s).  These SLP’s are aligned to various papers and qualifications of the internationally acclaimed Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) where Nelson Mandela University is recognised as a “Tier 1” university.


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Synopsis of CIMA-aligned SLP's:

CIMA-aligned Short Learning Programmes

1. Fundamentals of Management Accounting

2. Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

3. Fundamentals of Business Mathematics

4. Fundamentals of Business Economics

5. Fundamentals of Ethics Corporate Governance and Business Law

6. Organisational Management

7. Management Accounting

8. Financial Reporting and Taxation

9. Operational Case Study

10. Project and Relationship Management

11. Advanced Mangement Accounting

12. Advanced Financial Reporting

13. Management Case Study

14. Strategic Management

15. Risk Management

16. Financial Strategy

17. Strategic Case Study


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